The Best Hairstyles You Can Get

Some of the hairdos on this list are newcomers whereas others are old-timers that we just can’t get enough of. Either way, there is no denying that they all deserve the hype and popularity they have been awarded.


It is not likely that bangs will ever go out of style. This has been one of the trendiest styles in 2015 with a whole lot of variety. Bangs can be long, short, side swept, over the forehead, curly, straight and so on. What makes them so popular is the fun and mysterious look they create. If you are not ready to cut your hair, you can get fake bangs by tucking the hair using pins.

Side ponytail

This is one elegant hairdo. It goes best with long hair giving an illusion of added length. It is one of the easiest to do hairstyle trends of 2015 and can be worn anywhere from a red carpet event or a day at the office to a shopping trip and a dinner date. The side ponytail can be varied and worn on either straight or wavy hair. The straight hair is formal and rigid but very elegant. The wavy variation is fun and gives the illusion of hair volume

The Classic French Twist

This is a blast from the past but has made several appearances on the red carpet in 2015. It is an easy to do style best worn on formal occasions where you want to draw attention to your face, your dress or a nice neck piece. To jazz things up a little, you can free a few strands to fall over your face. This gives the hairdo a more youthful appeal.

Low pony/ low profile

The low pony is one of 2015’s trendiest hairstyle worn both on and off the red carpet by women from all walks of life. It is super easy to do and even more comfortable than it is easy. The hair is held anywhere from the base of the head at the back. It can be worn loosely or tightly. The low pony is multifunctional and can be worn anywhere anytime.

The twisted pony

This is a painfully cute hairstyle that has become a major trend in 2015. A woman may choose to twist either one or both sides leading up to the ponytail at the back. It works best with medium and long hair because of the progression of the hair twist from the front. It is wonderful because no accessories are required. The twist itself is enough. This hairstyle for long hair is a little more casual and freestyle and may not be the best for formal occasions and work environments.

The bun

The bun is one of the most popular hairstyles in the entire world. There are many variations in terms of location including high bun, low bun, side bun and medium level bun. It can also be neat, messy, braided or knotted. Coupling this style with bangs makes a world of a difference. The variety lands this hairdo on the top ten hairstyle trends in 2015. It is both fun-casual and smart-formal.

Getting Inked on the Face? Face Tattoo? WHY?

Getting “inked” is a big decision any way you look at it, but choosing a location as obvious as the face is far more of a commitment. Most of us understand the stigma of tattoos and realize that a facial modification like that will relegate you to an extremely limited employment world for the rest of your life.


Beyond job possibilities, a face tattoo automatically classifies you in the minds of others before they’ve ever taken a moment to get to know you as a person. This is the only place on the body where it’s virtually impossible to cover the piece in any socially acceptable manner; unless of course you have chosen a career as a bank robber in which case, mask away! The socially acceptable part is still questionable, though. So why would someone choose to have their face tattooed, knowing these permanent roadblocks will arise for them? Only the individuals themselves can answer that, but there are several valid reasons to do so. Self-expression, identity, and remembrance are the most common themes behind tattoos. This holds true with any tattoo in any location.

The girl with the “tramp stamp” loves butterflies and she’s embracing openness about her sexual appetites. The man with the teardrops tattooed below his eyes lost his daughter in a drunk driving accident. Those tears are a permanent memorial and should be outside of the rigid social scrutiny typically applied to body modifications. There are plenty of tattoos that end up being regarded as a mistake by the bearer, but making mistakes is only human. The difference is that this “mistake” is visibly worn on a daily basis rather than hidden away like the majority of mistakes made by others. It’s an unappreciated form of blunt honesty dwarfed by the overwhelming disdain for an “imperfect” individual, never mind the fact that a perfect individual does not exist. Realistically, getting a face tattoo as a man is similar to revolutionary acts by the great predecessors in history.

Choosing to display an internal component of your core being as a public mode of scrutiny, opening up to strangers, it is one of the bravest things a person can do. As a man, it’s your duty to stand up to injustice and fight for equality. The stigma against tattoos has no justifiable basis for its existence and therefore discrimination against those who possess them qualifies as an injustice. Furthermore, it’s particularly commendable to fight against the idea that men don’t have deeper emotional selves beyond their rough exterior. Rather than being disregarded as “gutter trash” or “unworthy” the way so many men with facial designs are treated, these individuals ought to be hailed as innovators ahead of their time. These are men who shun the constructs of an unfair society and work to bring attention to an outdated mode of perception. They make injustices visible and confront society head on with its own social prejudices; the best way to nullify unfairness.